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Pass IT On is a charity which refurbishes donated IT equipment, adapts it and gives to disabled people who live in the EH (Edinburgh and Lothians) postcode area.

The value of what we do is reflected in the following quotes from clients who have received computers from us:
"It has brought a whole new world to my doorstep."
“I felt that non-disabled people had easier access to computers, now not the case.”
“I don’t have to rely on other people as much, to pay bills, shop etc ‘Brilliant’.”

Volunteers are essential to the work of Pass IT On and you can get involved in lots of different ways, for example:
- Driving (collecting donated computers)
- Helping to build/troubleshoot/install software on donated PC equipment
- Fundraising (helping out at events or planning events)
- Language translations for our clients

***April 2020: PLEASE NOTE THAT WE AREN'T ABLE TO OFFER VOLUNTEERING IN OUR WORKSHOP DURING THE CURRENT CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. We can keep your details and contact you once volunteering resumes.***

Pass IT On has spaces for volunteers at various times during the day (Mon-Sat between 10am and 3pm) and also on a Thursday evening, when we are open until 9pm. *Volunteers normally attend for ONE two-hour slot each week. This lets us offer spaces to more volunteers.

Some equipment collections can be done during the evenings and fundraising events normally take place during evenings or weekends.

Pass IT On’s equal opportunities policy applies to both paid staff and volunteers.

Because we only have a limited number of volunteering places, we aren’t able to accept statutory work scheme placements.

We ask for two references for each volunteer before starting work with Pass IT On.

If you are interested in volunteering with Pass IT On, please complete the following form. We’ll then get in touch to arrange for you to visit our workshop and have a chat about what might suit you. This also gives you the chance to find out more about Pass IT On.
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