2021 IFI Fatherhood Essay Contest Teacher & Classroom Form
Dear teacher / educator:
Please fill out this form to register your class to participate in the 2021 Illinois Fatherhood Initiative Fatherhood Essay Contest. This form can be submitted multiple times so each class/teacher can be represented. This form allows the IFI to understand how many student essays to expect will be submitted with the 2021 IFI Fatherhood Essay Contest Student Entry Form. Please submit this form prior to your class starting to complete their essay submissions. The submission deadline for the Student Entry Form is March 19 2021 at midnight.

Teacher Checklist:
1. Complete this form to register your class.
2. Download and distribute the Student Essay Entry file (PDF) which can be downloaded at this link:
3. Please ask the students to write the essays into the Essay Entry file and have their father/father-figure add their feedback to the file. An important goal of the contest is for these essays to be shared and responses to be gathered. Note that the Student Essay Entry file can be printed, filled out and then scanned again into a PDF file, but please allow time if you use that process as only electronic submissions will be accepted this year.
4. Collect the essays and confirm that the student’s name is entered on the top of each page (the original form and any additional pages they may have added to the PDF file) and that they indicated the correct grade and school name. Please translate the essay to English if applicable.
5. Set a date for students to return reviewed essays ahead of the March 19 submission deadline.
6. Students Essays need to be uploaded (in PDF form) by either the Teacher or a responsible adult (parent / guardian) prior to the March 19 submission deadline via the 2021 IFI Fatherhood Essay Contest Student Entry Form which can be found at this link:
7. IFI will send all awards to your school’s Contact Person who will distribute them to each teacher.
8. Please share certificates with each student who participated from your classroom. Please keep a list of participating students so every student who wrote an essay will get a certificate.

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