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We're a growing organization and are looking for quality volunteer board members, biz coaches/mentors, guest speakers, and operations volunteers. If you're passionate about empowering young women, please sign up for our newsletter to receive information about upcoming volunteer positions and meetings!
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This is a question we ask all of our girls in their applications and we would love to hear from volunteers as well. Check out my video on what entrepreneurship means to Kaleigh Solley, our Program Manager! --> https://goo.gl/UKHcz8
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We're building our Board of Directors - nominate someone today!
You may nominate yourself as well! Please give a short description of why this person would benefit Biz Girls, Inc. long term strategy and growth. If you are nominating someone else, please include their email address and let them know that we will reach out to discuss the position and ask for confirmation of interest before we go to vote. Thanks!
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