Share Your Yishu Experience
Tell us what jobs/internships you have done or are currently doing in the art world. We will upload them to the community, so that you can offer career insights, make some connections, and help a sister out!
Your fellow Yishu Gurrrls will thank you for sharing the experience!
Job/Internship title? Which art institution? When? *
Example:"Archival Intern, Joe Smith Gallery, May 2016 - Current (as of Nov 2016)." Name the institution, especially if you have nice things to say! Otherwise, please make a brief description such as "a major Chelsea gallery."
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How did you get the position? Daily tasks? Things you learned? Likes and dislikes about the position and/or the institution? *
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What is your email, in case someone wants to reach out?
Hey, someone might need your advice on getting a position! However, we will not disclose your contact info to the person or the public. Instead, we will forward the person's request to you, and you can decide whether or not to help a sister out!
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