EDGE - plEDGE Summer 2020 Application Indio Campus
EDGE is a college completion program that provides students with a smooth transition into college life while preparing them for college level coursework. During EDGE, students will attend a fast-paced review of math, English, and student development activities to "Engage, Develop, Grow and [be] Empowered"!

The plEDGE Program provides 2020 high school graduates (or equivalent) from the Coachella Valley with free tuition and fees for two academic years! Students must complete summer EDGE to be eligible for plEDGE.

The COD Indio Campus is located at 45524 Oasis Street, no parking permit is needed in the summer.

By submitting this application, you will apply to BOTH the summer bridge EDGE Program and plEDGE 2020 Program (if eligible). If you have already submitted one application, please do not submit a second application. We can assist you in changing your session, time, or location over the phone or via email, please contact us at 760.636.7970 or edge@collegeofthedesert.edu.
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The plEDGE Program provides 2020 high school graduates (or equivalent) from the Coachella Valley* with two academic years of free tuition and fees at College of the Desert! *
*Completing the summer bridge EDGE program is a requirement for plEDGE. For more information on the plEDGE program please visit our website: http://www.collegeofthedesert.edu/students/EDGE/Pages/plEDGE.aspx
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