Off the Map Course Request for Financial Support
Thank you for your interest in the Off the Map course and for your inquiry about scholarships.

We do not have a formal scholarship program for this course, but we do have a limited amount of funds to help individuals who could benefit from the course but who would not be able to participate at the regular price. Support would be provided as a discount on the regular price of the course.

Please do NOT ask for a full scholarship unless you are out of work. We have a limited number that we can give, and we request that scholarships ONLY go to those out of work, not those who are worried about the economy.

If this describes your situation, please fill out the form below. Please answer thoughtfully, and limit your responses to no more than about 500 words per question. After you submit, you will receive an email with a copy of your application.

We will notify you of any award of financial support within approximately a week. If we make you an offer of financial support, you must register no later than June 10 or the offer may be withdrawn.

We have a limited number of $0 and $25 scholarship registrations, so again please only select this option if you are in immediate need. We can only provide a scholarship for one course, however you may use the hardship price for other courses.

Please contact our support team if you have questions:
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