MediaEval 2017 Survey
MediaEval is a multimedia benchmark that focuses on the human and social aspects of multimedia access and retrieval. It emphasizes the "multi" in multimedia: speech, audio, music, visual content, tags, users, context.

MediaEval attracts participants who are interested in multimodal approaches to multimedia involving, e.g., speech recognition, visual analysis, audio analysis, user-contributed information (tags, tweets), viewer affective response, social networks, user privacy, geo-coordinates and crowdsourcing.

Our goal is to promote the development and evaluation of innovative algorithms that tackle new challenges in multimedia. Participation in MediaEval is open to any group who chooses to sign up (

This survey collects information from the research community concerning interest in the tasks that have been proposed in response to the MediaEval 2017 Call for Proposals. Your comments and suggestions are very valuable to us since they will help to guide the process of task design.

The survey should take 5-15 minutes depending on the detail with which you choose to respond.

The survey consists of general questions on seven tasks. After answering the general questions for a task, you may then choose to go to a deeper level and answer more detailed questions on that task.

You may have come to this survey because you have heard about one particular task that you are interested in and wish to give feedback on the more detailed questions. We very much appreciate that you take the time to answer the general questions on all tasks. Tasks in MediaEval benefit from feedback from the wider community and not just from their active participant circles.

Thank you for your interest and input.

More information on MediaEval 2017 is available at We welcome you to follow us on Twitter: @mutlimediaeval

Image credit: Brian Yap on Flickr Remnants of Dublin Castle

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