Camp Scholarship Request Form 2018
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All the money raised from the Festival of Gifts and Talents goes to the Kids for Camp fund. This money will be divided up among the parents who help set up, donate items, and cleanup for this event. Please understand the total scholarship amount will be given based off the total money raised at the Festival of Gifts and Talents. The amount per child will be sent to Camp Lookout and be subtracted from your total camp cost. Please fill out this form and submit it to Ashley no later than April 18.

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Jones Kids Suggested Weeks: Day Camp - July 23 - 27 Younger Elementary Full Week - July 23 - 27 Younger Elementary Half Week- July 25 - 27 Older Elementary Full Week - July 9 -13
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In order to be eligible for this Scholarship you must help with the Festival of Gifts and Talents which is the Camp of Kids Fundraiser on Wednesday, May 23 at 6:30 pm. We will prepare for this event on Tuesday, May 22.
I understand that the amount given is determined by the number of children in need and total profit from the Camp of Kids Fundraiser. This amount will probably not be enough to pay for a camp in full but help offset the cost. I also understand that any money not excepted/claimed 2 weeks prior to the first week of camp will be put back in the Kids for Camp fund to be used to help other children in need. I also understand the money will be sent to the camp directly to be used toward my child’s camp.
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