Reader sign up: Undertakers, Harlots and Other Odd Bodies
In March 2018, I will be distributing draft copies of my historical novel to interested beta readers. Your honest feedback is tremendously valuable to the success of this project. I can't make this thing great without you!!

It's a relatively short novel (under 400 pages), and while there is some sex and violence, it's mainly the cozy variety and will only give nightmares to the most sensitive types. My kids are naturally demanding a sex-redacted version, but I'm not promising anything. Most probably, they will just have to face the fear. Besides, if I didn't know anything about the subject, they would never have had their big chance at existential dread.

Readers who participate and give feedback will be named in the acknowledgements, unless they prefer to remain fabulously anonymous.

The tentative release date for the electronic book is July 17, although it may be available earlier if everything comes together auspiciously beforehand.

Welcome aboard, lovely readers!!
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