2022 CouchBurners Camp Registration
About CouchBurners:
We're looking forward to another amazing year in the dust! Established in 2007, we're proud to be one of the most international veteran camps at Burning Man. CouchBurners embody the spirit of CouchSurfing, a global mix of open-minded travelers and hosts who love to connect, provide hospitality, and shape amazing experiences together. Every year, together, we bring this spirit to celebrate in Black Rock City.
We aim to create a thriving and involved environment, and build our group of core campers. We are interested in finding campers that take advantage of our amenities and resources, but are also willing to contribute for the camp and interact within the camp. So for those who are motivated to embrace the event's principles, help out around camp, and make this year the best burn ever, we welcome you!

We're planning for around 50-60 campers this year. The camp's gifts to Black Rock City include our lounge spaces, hammock forest, the international bar, sound/DJ system, food offerings, unique interactive games, and more. Additionally, camp members receive access to a large shade structure for their tents, the kitchen, and a hot vegetarian dinner provided every night (cooked by campers so that includes you :)).

Camp members are organized into "pods" and are required to work one day during the Burn at the camp with their Pod, ensuring critical camp functions (getting ice, running daily interactivity plan, camps dinner, etc.) are performed. We also invite you to help out in your own ways and help create what is the magic of Black Rock City this year!

To help us get to know you and plan logistics, please complete this 5-minute questionnaire. Then, read the next steps at the bottom of the page. Only after you have been accepted and paid the camp dues, you will be confirmed a spot in the camp. We will send out a pod/shift sign-up sheet closer to the event.

Any questions can be posted to our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/couchburners2022/) or send to anveshj@live.com

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Getting to know you!
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How many times have you been to a burn ? (regionals, big burn, local burns) *
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Do you know anyone in Couchburners? Do you have a preference on whose Pod you want to be in?
How did you hear about us?
Which of the 10 Burning Man principles are most important to you? *
What matters to you most at Burning Man? ( Meeting people? Partying? Self Exploration? Let us know (: ) *
Successful Burning Man camps rely heavily on active involvement from all of their campers - that would include you! How do you envision helping make our camp fun, welcoming, and well-organized? *
How Important is MOOP to you? *
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On-Playa Logistics!
Do you plan to help with Pre-build or tear-down of camp? (Let us know what your plans are as of now. Ps. This will require early arrival and/or late departure) *
In addition to your pod shift responsibilities, how else would you like to contribute to the camp this year? *
What special talents or skills do you have that we should know about? I.e. improv, life coaching
What type of Vehicle are you bringing ? (If you are not the primary driver, write N/A)
Are you part of a group ? If so, how many people? And Who? *
Do you want to bring any projects, events, gifts, or anything else to camp this year? Please share them here!
Can you share a little about yourself and What you're passionate about in life? *
Next Steps!
Thanks for registering! We're not done yet though. The next steps for you are:

1.  Please join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/couchburners2022/) to see what is going on and start participating in Camp planning.  

2. One of our camp leads will be in touch to get to know you and give you the opportunity to ask questions about us and the event

3.  If accepted, you will be provided a PayPal link to pay the camp dues. Paying the dues will guarantee your spot in the camp. Our camp dues go toward many things, including creating interactivity projects, expanding the shade structures, tools and maintenance/repairs, food, alcohol, and ice, infrastructure storage and delivery, generator fuel, furniture, lighting, and annual upgrades to the camp infrastructure.

Again, feel free to connect with any of the camp leads or on the Facebook group with any questions.
We look forward to seeing you on the Playa this year. The Man burns soon!
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