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About the workshop
The Circular Design Lab is hosting a 'pop up' systemic design 101 workshop on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at the FREC and Bangkok 1899/ Cafe Na. A small grant from the Royal Society of Arts ( is funding the program, so there's no cost to participate. But we do have a limited number we can accept (due to space constraints), so please sign up/RSVP by 11:59 pm ICT on October 26.

Why this workshop?
We have a growing community of people from around the city who care about taking action and responding to major complex challenges- from air pollution to plastics to food any beyond. We know that the diversity of talent and experience at the local level can collaborate to tackle these issues. So we use community and a 'systemic design' as a process to facilitate a meaningful exchange and possible next steps.

About systemic design as an innovation process
This workshop is designed to build off of the process and approach the Circular Design Lab has been using for it's 1.0 and 2.0 labs. This workshop will cover the basic elements of "systemic design" and connect individuals and groups working on challenges ranging from air pollution, to plastics/waste, to food systems and unsustainable fast fashion.

Specifically we will cover: systems change and human centered design as tools that help us discover possible ways to see the challenges in new and different ways. We will also work to find 'leverage' points, or strategic ways to experiment with solutions to the challenges we see. We will work in teams- you can come alone, encourage a friends to sign up with you or simply meet other likeminded folks to become a team with during the workshops.

How Wednesday, October 28 Workshop will Run:

5:15-6pm: Arrival and pre-order meal from Cafe Na Social Enterprise at Bangkok 1899 (optional)
6-7:30pm: Systemic Design 101 and Issue Deep Dive at the Ford Resource Engagement Center (located next to Bangkok 1899)
7:30-8:30: Happy Hour / Dinner at Cafe Na Social Enterprise at Bangkok 1899 (optional)

About the Circular Design Lab - Our Purpose
We are an experimental (open innovation) lab – led 100% by a team of volunteers. We bring people together to address environmental and social challenges using circular design as one pathway to explore systems intervention possibilities- or in other words- solutions to challenges.

What We Do
We leverage an ecosystem approach that embraces collaboration and community building. We curate panel discussions and custom systemic design workshops to tackle a complex contemporary challenges.

How To Join
We deeply believe in the power of inclusion and diversity – and from talks to workshops we invite all people, from all walks of life to join. You are welcome to encourage bringing friends and curious collaborators along for the ride!

Stay connected- be sure to signup for the updates at, and follow on facebook or twitter!
Are you able to join for the full workshop Wednesday, October 28? We start at 6pm and end at 7:30pm
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Are you interested to stay for the happy hour/ meal available from 7:30-8:30pm? Please note, you can order food before 6pm from the Cafe Na Social Enterprise- they will have it ready for you by the end of the workshop
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