US 19 Corridor Transportation Study
The purpose of this comment form is to gather public input for the US-19 (Perry Highway) Corridor Transportation Study.  The study is being conducted by TranSystems Corporation under contract with Springfield Township, PennDOT District 1.0, Mercer County Regional Planning Commission (MCRPC), and Shenango Valley Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVATS).

All questions on this form pertain ONLY to the 1.8 mile section of US-19 between Pennsy Road (to the south) and Rachel's Roadhouse (to the north), including small sections of Leesburg-Grove City Road (SR 208), Leesburg-Volant Road (SR 208), and Leesburg-Station Road (SR 2002).
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We want to hear from you!  What are you thoughts and goals for this corridor?
What is your relationship to the project area? (Check all that apply) *
Please rate the flow of traffic in the project area. (Check only one) *
Please indicate the level of safety you feel while driving along the project area. (Check only one) *
Do you travel the project area primarily during the morning and afternoon rush hours? *
How do you rank congestion in the project area? (Check only one) *
How strongly do you agree with the following statements? (Choose all that apply) *
Strongly Agree
No Opinion
Speeding is an issue along US-19?
Speeding is an issue along SR 208?
Overall, the project area is an unsafe corridor?
There are too many driveways along the US-19 Corridor?
There are too many heavy trucks on the US-19 Corridor?
US-19 has poor sight distance in some sections (especially at driveways, curves/bends, and hills)?
US-19 is a congested highway (especially at the intersections of SR 208)?
Generally speaking, the US-19 Corridor has poor geometry (including inadequate shoulder widths)?
The entire project area of the corridor needs improved traffic signage?
Regarding speeding and overall safety, which traffic calming measures would you support? (Check all that apply) *
Which bicycle accommodations in the project area would you support? (Check all that apply) *
Which pedestrian accommodations in the project area would you support? (Check all that apply) *
Would you agree that overall, US-19 is an unsafe corridor? *
If yes, which one of the following reasons would you agree with? (Check all that apply) *
What changes would you like to see in the project area of this corridor?
You can perform and submit this survey online via the Springfield Township's website or print and return survey results to the Springfield Township Municipal Building at 406 Old Ash Road, Mercer, PA 16137.
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