Shakti Yoga Teacher Training 2022 Application
Please complete this application after thoroughly reading through the Shakti Yoga TT curriculum at Once I have read your application and determine your eligibility, I will get in touch to arrange an interview.
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Please introduce yourself - I would love to know who you are, where are you in the world, what are your passions? Anything else you feel to share - lifestyle, family, work etc
What has inspired you to apply for the Shakti Yoga Teacher Training? Describe the calling that has brought you here and what excites you about this possibility.
What qualifications/experience do you have? List any certifications/degrees and also work experience
Do you have a current Yoga Teacher Training certificate? if so, please list the school, year and any other relevant details e.g. what style(s)?
The Shakti Yoga Teacher Training requires a significant commitment of time and energy. It is expected that those who enroll are making this program a priority in their life. It is recommended to not concurrently be taking another training program or course of study as this can "dilute" what is on offer. This is both to truly receive the benefit of this program AND embody the essence of this practice to be able to facilitate this work with integrity. Please describe your willingness to dedicate the time and space to the requirements of this training to truly receive the most out of this precious opportunity.
What do you wish to receive from participating in this training? How do you currently envision sharing this work?
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Are you in a position to be able to meet the financial commitment required for this course?
What timezone are you in and what times are you available to meet with Jasmine for an interview?
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