Kansas City Shooting Masters Membership – 2022
Membership in the Kansas City Shooting Masters club is separate from IDPA national membership. Club membership not mandatory for participation in our matches, but you must have completed the New Shooter requirements, and non-members will pay an additional fee for each match.

All memberships expire at the end of January and must be renewed. For more details, and requirements, see: http://kcshootingmasters.com/info/index.shtml

The annual membership fee is $20. After completing this form, please bring cash to the next match to complete your club registration.
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You may also provide proof of membership in another national 2nd Amendment rights preservation organization such as but not limited to, Gun Owners of America, Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, or The Second Amendment Foundation. Provide the name of the organization as well as your member number, when not the NRA.
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Kansas City Shooting Masters IDPA requires all members to design at least three matches a year. You will not be solely responsible for setup, and will not be running the match, but will shoot every stage in rotation as everyone else does. If you cannot show up at the date you signed up for, just be sure to draw and describe the course of fire, and get it to one of the board members at least a few days before the match.
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Jan 28, 2023
If you have any special notes, requests, exceptions, or issues the Board should be aware of, go ahead and tell us here.
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Signing below confirm acceptance of the following: In exchange for being allowed to participate in any matches held by Kansas City Shooting Masters, I agree to hold Kansas City Shooting Masters (the Club) and the hosting property or organization (Host), their members officers, agents, employees, instructors, assigns, and successors harmless from any claim, demand, or liability whether claimed by myself or another, arising out of any injury, loss, or disability connected with my appearance or participation in any of the matches or related activities. The Club and Host are not responsible for the safe handling of firearms by myself or other shooters on the range. I am responsible for my own actions. I am familiar with the firearm, holster, and other equipment that I will use in this or any club match in which I participate, and I will not be a safety hazard.
Don't forget your dates
The dates you sign upwill be posted on the KCSM website so you can always check on them: (http://kcshootingmasters.com/calendar/index.shtml)

If you fail to design a course of fire for your designated date, you will have to pay non-member rates until it is made up. If you arrange for someone else to cover for you in advance, or deliver a documented course design to a KCSM Board member in advance, that's fine as well and we won't penalize you.

If we have too few assigned to some months, or other special events, we may ask you to shift dates. Watch your email or listen in to monthly club meetings for such requests.
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