How do you rate the following services in our community of Socorro? The term "accessible" means affordable and/or not a burden to get to, and not subject to long waiting lists.
Mental health care services to provide counselors to speak with about emotional problems, treat depression, and untreated mental health challenges, and address adverse childhood experiences and trauma *
Medical and dental care to increase health, resiliency and longevity *
Housing programs to prevent homelessness and provide a safe place if a home is unsafe *
Food pantries and programs to reduce hunger *
Public transport that ensures residents get to vital social services, work or school *
Job training to provide access to jobs with livable wages *
Early Childhood Programs that strengthen early learning *
Family-center schools. (Schools that offer support with academics, tutoring, family support, and health and social services, and do so before, during, and after school, weekends, and over summer break. They also offer counseling services and can screen students and family members for emotional trauma and mental health challenges, or refer them to local behavioral health care agencies.) *
Parent supports, including home visitation and respite programs, to strengthen families and reduce the chance of childhood injury, trauma or maltreatment *
Youth mentors to provide strong role models ans support for every boy and girl *
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