Maps of Solidarity
Registration for participants in need of translation, accommodation and/or specific food.

TRANSLATION - we can not assure we will be able to provide translation in every language that is needed and to every lecture/workshop but we will do our best.

ACCOMODATION - if you’re traveling from other cities/countries than malmö we can try and find accomodation for you. We can not promise that we will find for everyone in need but we will do our best. If you have contacts or friends that could host you please check with them in the first place. If you would register here and then find an accommodation by your own - please let us know.

FOOD - all the food will be vegetarian and we will provide vegan options. If you have allergies or other needs please fill out this form.

OTHER - please let us know if there are other information that we would need to know.
Are you in need of translation during the conference? Please write all the languages that would be suitable for you.
If in need of translation - what day/s of the conference will you need it?
Are you in need of accomodation during the conference? And if so - what nights?
Do you have any allergies or specific diets that we need to know of to be able to provide food that’s suitable for you?
Is there any other information that we would need to know?
Contact information - please write your contact information so that we can contact you if we find suitable solutions for you. If you’re not comfortable with sharing your information here you will have to email us at If we don’t hear from you we can’t assure we will find you what you need.
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