CIW Return to Human Rights Tour- NE Caravan to Columbus! | ¡Caravana Noreste a Columbus!
The CIW is touring from Immokalee to Columbus, OH, to Tampa, FL, for the 2017 spring action, calling on Wendy's to join the Fair Food Program!

Allies in the Northeast are being asked to mobilize to Columbus, OH from March to join CIW at Wendy's headquarter hometown to demand farmworker justice from the final fast food holdout. You don't want to miss this opportunity to march with farmworkers and their allies to call on Wendy's to join the Fair Food Program. There will be a 1 day conference on Saturday March 25th followed by an action on Sunday March 26th. Hope to see you there!

We will be making our way to the Buckeye State from Boston, Providence, and Amherst. Complete this form to secure a spot on the bus today!

Pick Up Times TBA --evening
Boston: March 24th
Providence: March 24th

Drop up Times TBA-- morning
Providence: March 27th
Boston: March 27th

For more information, please contact Anna, Brian and Patricia | Si desea más información por favor contacte a Anna:, or

Updates on logistics and scheduling will follow soon!

First & Last Name | Nombre
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Phone number | Número de teléfono
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Organization, University or Congregational Affiliation? | Afiliación de Organización, Universidad o Congregación?
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Coming with others as a group/organization? List their names, any children under 12 and all dietary restrictions. | ¿Vendrá acompañado con grupo o con una organización? Coloque su nombre, restricciones de dieta y epecifique si hay menores de 12 años.
One person can register as the main contact. Please make sure to include anything we should know. | Una persona puede llenar el formulario para todos. Por favor incluya detalles que debamos saber.
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Contribution ($35-$250) | Contribución ($35-$250)
The cost of this trip is approximately $175/person. Any contribution you are able to give will help offset costs and make this trip more accessible for others. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. | El viaje costará aproximadamente $175 por persona. Cualquier contribución permitirá que el viaje sea accesible para todos. Nadie será excluido por su inhabilidad de contribuir con estos gastos. Pay registration here:
Dietary Restrictions or Allergies | Restricciones de Dieta o Alergias
If you have ANY dietary restrictions or allergies please let us know. | Si tiene restricciones de dieta o alergias de algun tipo, por favor dejenos saber.
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Are you comfortable sleeping in basic accommodations? | ¿Estará comodo dormiendo en alojamiento básico?
Please expect to sleep on the floor and in a large room with fellow participants. Bring a sleeping bag and any items you may need. | Preparase para dormir sobre un piso y alrededor de otros. Traiga un saco de dormir (sleeping bag) y otras comodidades apropiadas.
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Can you volunteer before or during the weekend? | ¿Podrá contribuir con su tiempo o talentos este fin de semana?
Making this action a success requires many different types of support like art, fundraising and outreach. What can you help with? | ¿Esta acción requiere apoyo para su éxito, Como puede ayudarnos?
Please share any needs or concerns about accessibility we should know about. | Por favor dejenos saber si tiene preocupaciones sobre la accesibilidad al evento los cuales debamos saber.
We want to make this trip as accessibleas possible for everyone, but because of logistical limitations we may not be able to accommodate all special requirements. | Queremos hacer que este viaje sea lo más accesible posible para la mayor cantidad posible pero debido a limitaciones logísticas no podemos garantizar esto.
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I/We understand that the CIW and its members are committed to non-violent social change. I/we will respect their leadership throughout the duration of the march, and understand that there will be zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use, sexual harassment or vandalization of property.
Yo / Nosotros entendemos que la CIW y sus miembros están comprometidos con el cambio social sin violencia. Yo / nosotros respetaremos su liderazgo a lo largo de la duración de la marcha, y entiendo que habrá cero tolerancia para el uso de drogas o alcohol, el acoso sexual o vandalismo de propiedad.
How to make your contribution | Comó hacer su donación:
Please make your contribution here | Por favor visita este sitio para su contribución: **Make sure to add a note to your donate as "Northeast Bus Rider Registration!*** Thank you. See you in Columbus! Gracias. Nos vemos!
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If you committed to making a contribution: | Si se comprometió a hacer una contribución:
We will contact you to follow up. | Nos contactarámos con ud. pronto.
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