Annual CUE Affiliate Agreement - 2018
CUE is made up of people. The CUE Affiliates are often our members' first point of contact. The Affiliates are run by volunteers - dedicated educators who have chosen to get involved with CUE for the benefit of their local colleagues. As such, Affiliates are the lifeblood of the organization, and CUE is committed to providing all the support possible to keep each Affiliate strong and functioning.

CUE is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization (from the tax perspective, each Affiliate is an independent entity with its own tax identification number). Certain tax information is needed from each Affiliate for CUE to properly submit its taxes each year in order to maintain non-profit status. The required information is in the form below, and we need one Affiliate representative to respond to the questions below to the best of your knowledge by June 15, 2018.

Thank you for your efforts in promoting the advancement of student achievement through technology. CUE seeks healthy, vibrant Affiliates to serve members locally. If Affiliates become inactive, CUE, in the form of the Board and the Affiliate / Learning Network Committee, wants to engage in conversation as quickly as possible in order to provide the support needed to assist that Affiliate in maintaining its active status. Some indications CUE might see that an Affiliate may be struggling would include:

1. Lack of communication with Affiliate members and/or CUE staff,
2. Failure to submit yearly tax information to CUE in a timely fashion,
3. Failure to hold regularly announced Affiliate board meetings and/or membership meetings,
4. Failure to update the Affiliate web site, or maintain a web presence,
5. Non-participation in CUE activities

If your Affiliate is struggling to remain active, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Seliskar at He will work with you to address whatever issues that may prove challenging. Do not hesitate to reach out.

CUE shares a portion of annual revenue with its Affiliates. The share amount will be based on May membership totals and is contingent upon completion of this online form (including required linked documents) by June 15, 2018.

By June 15, 2018, each affiliate must provide to CUE the following supportive information and attachments required by the IRS to maintain our group tax-exempt status. If CUE does NOT receive your complete information by that date, your Affiliate share payment will be delayed.

The time and commitment it takes for you and your fellow Affiliate Board members to keep things going does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Your work makes CUE, CUE! Thank you for all that you do!

Contact and General Information
Full Affiliate Name *
Affiliate Tax ID #
Contact Jason Seliskar if you are unsure of your EIN# (Tax ID#) - we have them on file:
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Contact Name *
Your name, even if you are not the president (which is CUE's official contact for the affiliate).
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Affiliate President (or Board Chair) Name *
This person will be the contact for all official CUE communications, including our tax filings. It can be one of the Presidents if you have co-presidents, or another board member if your affiliate is currently without a president.
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President's (or Board Chair's) email address *
This email address will be the official contact used for all official communication from CUE to your affiliate in the next fiscal year, including member rosters and conference contracts.
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Official affiliate website address (URL) *
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Official Affiliate Twitter account
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Official Affiliate Facebook account
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