JVS Monthly Journal Club
Welcome! Interested in hosting the monthly JVS Journal Club? Here's what you should know.

The session is held the 2nd week of the month. Programs can choose to host the event on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening, and we alternate sites.

For the host institution, we ask that you:
1.      Participate in a 10-15min Zoom meeting the day before the event to check connections,
2.      Assign 1-2 faculty to give a 2-4min intro to each of two papers (these will be contemporaneous papers from the JVS journals),
3.      Assign 2 trainees to give a 3-5min PowerPoint overview of each paper
4.     Participate in the social media advertisement of the event on your website or social medial platform

You will be contacted and assigned a month based on current availability.
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