JA 2021-22 Officer Application
Thank you very much for your interest in becoming an officer for the next academic year! In the form below, please indicate your top 2 position choices (note that only your top choice is required, and picking two may split votes). In addition, please record a 1-2 minute video speech explaining why you want to be an officer, what qualifications you possess, and any ideas you have for the organization and send those to japanese.association.texas@gmail.com

Also, please note that only current officers are eligible to apply for president or vice president, but the other positions are open to anyone interested.

Both this form and the video speech are due by Sunday, 05/02 by 11:59pm central time. You can submit this form now and the video later, just as long as we have both by the deadline.

For your reference, below are some brief descriptions of the officer responsibilities:
- President: Lead all officer and general meetings + events, create officer meeting notes, oversee and delegate tasks
- Vice President: Coordinate Junior Officers (applications and interviews), take over for the president when they're not available, help the other officers when they need it
- Secretary: Take notes during officer meetings, publish Facebook events, send the newsletter
- Treasurer: Coordinate fundraisers/profit shares, collect membership dues, contact manufacturers when we make t-shirts or other merchandise, budget for events and festivals
- Event Coordinator: Plan and execute events (including festivals), maintain contact with other UT orgs and UT administrative offices
- Historian: Run the Instagram (and make all the graphics and posts), take pictures at events (pre-covid), make presentations for events
- Culture Chair: Attend Kaiwa Table weekly, create culture notes for general meetings
- Webmaster: Update the JA website, run and structure the JA discord, create forms and sign-up sheets when needed
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If you said "yes" to the previous question, please explain what those plans are and how it'll affect your availability.
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Video Speech
Please make sure to send your video speech to japanese.association.texas@gmail.com by the submission deadline of 05/02 at 11:59pm. Otherwise, your application will be considered incomplete and you will be ineligible to run for a position.
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