LIHI Pre-Bargaining Survey
September 10, 2018

Our current Contract expires on December 31, 2018. We will begin negotiations with Low Income Housing Institute soon for a new contract, including wages, benefits, retirement savings and other working conditions. This survey will provide useful data and anecdotal information to help us draft proposals. Your input is needed to ensure that we best represent everyone’s needs and priorities.

We need to elect a Bargaining Team of 2 to 3 members. If you are interested or want to nominate a co-worker, please do so at the end of the survey. If we have more members interested than slots available, we will hold an election.

This survey is available online or you can return the hard copy that has been mailed to your home.

The information you share on your survey will not be shared with the employer. Please include as much detail as possible and submit this survey by September 21, 2018.

Thanks for your participation!

Questions? Contact your Union Representative Diane Arnold 206-441-8880 ext. 115,, or Shelby Mooney, 206-448-2615,

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Job Title
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Cell Phone
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Work Phone
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Personal Email
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Work Email
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What are the three most important additions and/or changes you would like to see in our new contract?
Your answer
What do you consider to be a fair annual wage increase?
Do you believe your position is under- compensated and in need of an adjustment?
If yes, please explain:
Your answer
Are you satisfied with your vacation accruals?
If no, how can we improve?
Your answer
Are you satisfied with your current level of medical/dental benefits?
If no, what improvements would you like?
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Are you satisfied with the cost of your current medical/dental benefits?
If no, please explain:
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If you have been at LIHI for over 13 months, have you had an annual Performance Evaluation?
Do you think your Performance Evaluation was fair?
If no, how would you restructure it?
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Working Conditions/Hours
Do you experience excessive workloads?
If yes, please explain, and what do you believe will help?
Your answer
Do you have proper support to do your job?
If no, please explain, and what do you believe will help?
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Do you have health/safety issues that our contract does not address?
If yes, please explain:
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Are there any other contractual issues you would like to see addressed during these negotiations?
If yes, would issues would you like to see addressed?
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Please rate the importance of the following bargaining issues as High, Medium or Low
Increased compensation
Maintain current medical/dental benefits
Protection from unfair treatment
Retirement contributions
Job security/protection
Addressing workload issues
Paid parental leave
Please provide any other comments, questions, or concerns:
Your answer
Help Win a Strong Contact
I’d like to be on the bargaining team to help negotiate our new contract (time spent in negotiations is considered time worked).
I’ll be a contact for my work area (distribute Union information, talk with co-workers).
I’ll attend Union meetings, wear a button or do similar actions to show our unity and help win a good contract.
I would like to nominate a co-worker. Please list the name of the co-worker you believe would be a good representative at the bargaining table and your Union Rep will contact them about joining the bargaining team.
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