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We've developed Otomate – the ultimate product information management solution for your eCommerce business. We help to launch products faster, establish cross-channel coherence, create rich content, manage a range of digital assets, and overall master your product content.

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What country do you operate an e-commerce business or organization in?
How many product numbers do you manage? (Including SKU)
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What best describes your role?
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How many people work at your e-commerce business or organization?
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What type of products are sold in your store?
What platform is your online store built on?
Please provide a link to your store's website.
What sales channels do you sell on?
What online sales channels do you use most often to sell your products?
Who do you share your product catalog with?
Where do you currently store your product information? 
Do you have any difficulties with storing your product information? What kind of difficulties?
How do you upload products to your sales channels, update them, manage product information, do it manually, or use some tools / services / softwares? If yes, please specify them. 

(I’m doing it with help of… We have a team of managers…We use tools such as…)

Do you have any difficulties with creating, placing, updating and managing product information on your sales channels?
(I’m struggling with selecting a good title, description and images for my products…I’m frustrated by the amount of duplicate and manual work…Launching new products takes a long time…Too many listing errors…)
How do you track your store's key performance indicators? Do you use some tools / services / software to visualize them?
What are the most decisive factors for you when choosing a product management platform for your e-commerce business?
What are some of the biggest challenges or pains as an e-commerce business you have? What would you like to improve?
What functionality would be useful to you? 
Must have
Nice to have
Not required
Image editing
Completeness tracking
Data Quality Insights
Product templates
Preview mode
Product performance analytics
Product relationships for upsell, cross-sell, and bundles
Scheduled imports
User roles with custom permissions
AI Content Generation
SEO tool
Change log and Version Control
Currency management
Translation and Localization
Sharing a link to your catalog
Sharing your catalog by subscription (other users can view your catalog by paid or free subscription)
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What other features would be useful to you?
What email address should we use for sending you an invitation to the free version of our platform?
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