Nationwide Mail-In Service
Please complete this form and then simply include your name somewhere on or in the box when shipping. THIS FORM IS NOT A CONTACT FORM FOR A QUOTE, but rather a work order form if you are certain you will be sending your knife in. For a quote prior to sending your knife in, please email

All pricing can be found on the website under the "Services and Fees" section.

For everything other than basic sharpening work you will be provided with an estimate by email (or if already provided and nothing has changed with your order we will confirm) for approval before the work begins.

Please check what services you will need for your blade(s) *
Note on Wicked Edge sharpening: we offer a free edge reprofile on the belt sander which is then finished w/ a microbevel on the Wicked Edge - this enhances cutting performance and makes for easier maintenance w/ the Spyderco Sharpmaker. If you would like this option (rather than matching the existing angle) please select the appropriate box below. ** Not available on mirrored edges. **
What will you be sending in and how many? *
Helps us track your order. E.g. "1 kitchen knife" or "1 Benchmade 940-1 folding knife"
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Work Order Details *
Please list exactly what exactly you want done to each individual knife. You will be contacted through email with any questions and will be emailed an estimate for the work prior to it being done (excludes basic sharpening work).
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Expedited Service
‚ÄčIf you choose this service then your turn around times are expedited w/ the associated fees in parentheses. Note that the listed fees are in addition to the work being performed and are limited to 2 knives per expedite fee. Turn around times are: roughly 7 business days instead of 3 months for major work like regrinds and mods ($150), and roughly 3-4 business days for sharpening work instead of 1-6 weeks, including mirrored edges ($75). Note: not available for Cerakote/DLC coatings and times do not include weekends or holidays.
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This will be the address used for the return shipment.
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Enter your phone number, including the area code. Please enter your cell # here if you wish to be able to receive texts.
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So we can contact you to notify you of receipt of your package, furnish a tracking # upon the return shipment, and send the online invoice when the work is done.
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Which shipping companies are you fine with us using for the return shipping?
Razor Edge Knives LLC bears no responsibility while your package is in the shipping carrier's care, either coming or going. USPS will be the fastest return shipping option. UPS shipment times will vary and may be delayed a couple days as they do not pick up daily like USPS. If you want anything special please enter it in the other box (i.e. "USPS: Express" or "signature confirmation") Default option will be USPS Priority & UPS ground. Also note that when using USPS for return shipment we use's private insurance (PIP), and with return insurance of $500 for more with either carrier, signature confirmation is the default (and charged as an extra $2.55 for USPS, and $4.75 for UPS ) unless otherwise requested. While we do accept shipments from all major carriers, we only use UPS or USPS for the return shipment.
How much insurance do you want on the return trip? *
We recommend getting the full insurance amount of the item both ways, plus the work we will have done for the return trip. Enter a number that represents the dollar value of insurance you want, or 0 (don't use $ signs). We do require coverage at least for the work we will have performed and you will be billed for both this and the shipping in the final invoice.
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If we discussed working on your blade(s), where was it discussed?
This helps us quickly track down what we are doing on your knife! You can enter your answer below such as: Facebook, Instagram, Bladeforums, online chat widget, email, text, etc and any screen names that may apply.
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Forum information (if applicable)
Please put the forum and your username in case we need to contact you by PM - if applicable.
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Sorry but necessary! Check each box below, which indicates that you agree to these terms. If these terms and our policies are not acceptable to you please do not send anything to us for work.
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