Class of 2022 Course Selection Form
Please select a course from each of the following areas - please note, in many areas only one option is available.

For Math and Modern Language, please register for the Placement Tests if you are interested in taking an advanced course. Student schedules will be adjusted if placement test scores qualify for advancement.

For English and Social Studies, please note that honors level coursework is embedded in all classes and students will have the option of challenging themselves if they want to.

Please refer to our online course catalog for detailed descriptions of course offerings:

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this is a 10 unit course that fulfills 5 units of Kinesiology credits and 5 units of Religious Studies credits
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Carondelet's Freshman curriculum is designed for students to take 70 units. There are situations in which a 70 unit case load may not be beneficial (commitments outside of school; ed support needs; health issues etc...). You may request to speak to a counselor to discuss whether your child should delay a graduation requirement by adding a study hall/ed support class. If you are interested in this option, we would put you in contact with a counselor as this would ultimately require your daughter to carry more classes junior and senior year and potentially limit access to some electives.
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