Jedi Academy Anniversary Tournament 2020
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Teams will be 2v2 for the tournament...
Minimum of 16 teams must be registered for the tournament to be held!

Also, servers will be located in NA, EU and SA and depending on team regions they will be on the best server for the ping. Of course, there will be issues when NA Teams will be versing a Teams from EU or SA which additional things will have to be done like maybe a coin toss? I am open for suggestions to these issues which you can put in the discord server #suggestions room under the JA Anniversary Tournament 2020 section.

Please be aware that you must be apart of the Discord Server during the duration of the tournament, you don't have to join the community forums however it would be most appreciated if you as we plan on doing more events and tournaments like this not just for jka but other games also!

Website and Community Forums: https:/ (Optional)
Discord Server: (You MUST be in the Discord Server)

Please fill out the form below!
Team Name *
Team Members (In-game name and discordname#1234) Max 2 Players! *
Team Region (If not listed pick region with the best ping) *
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