Pennyrile Area LGBTQ+ History Collection
Please fill out the form the best you can and thank you for helping to shine light into a dark and often forgotten past.

While Kentucky's LGBTQ+ History has began it's recording thanks to grants and partnerships with national organizations the majority of the information obtained from those data collections were primarily in the larger areas of Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky. It is Pennyrile Pride's goal to find the hidden past of organizers, businesses, bars, social groups, acts of resistance, and daily life from the more rural settings of Western Kentucky. Any pictures, information on past events, newspapers, etc from both the positives and negatives of the LGBTQ+ community's past in the area are welcome and much needed. Whether it be from last week, last decade, last century, or from the formation of the commonwealth any input or tips are greatly appreciated.

Common Question Answers

I remember vaguely names, dates, and locations but cannot remember all the details:
That is great! That still gives information to go on and another person may have the other part of your details to paint the whole picture. If you only remember around when something happened or just know names of people who were active you can leave that in the 'Tips' section

I would like to share my story but would prefer it stay off the record until a few years from now:
If you are sharing more personal information that you would prefer to be held on to until an X amount of time has passed please notate that under the 'Stipulations' section.

I have information from an area of Western Kentucky not listed under the county selections:
If you find that you have information from an area that we are not specifically searching in we will still gladly accept it. The statewide search for LGBTQ+ history is still very active and can be given the information.

I want to donate but don't want my name placed on the donation:
That is perfectly fine, if you'd like your name to remain in archives only please notate that under 'Stipulations'

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