Shared Zine Library Catalog: What do zine researchers want?
For several years, a group of zine librarians from collections in public, collective, and academic spaces in the US and Canada have been working toward building an online catalog where readers and researchers could search all of our zine collections at once. We're excited about it, but it's a lot of work, so we need to zine researchers even want such a catalog? ( is an example of this type of catalog, but not specifically for zines and just for capital L Libraries)
What is your involvement in zines?
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How do you currently find out where you can get/read a zine you already know about?
If a shared library catalog existed, how do you imagine you would use it?
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How do you currently find zines by a certain author or on a certain topic?
Anything else you want to say?
So, now that you've answered our questions and thought about a shared zine library catalog, how into it are you?
Thanks, I'm good.
Yes, please!
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Do you/have you made zines?
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Totally optional (like all the questions, actually), want to tell us who you are and if we can follow up with you for more feedback?
Please give your name, email address, website, zine name, whatever you are willing to share.
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