DFL Cheer Survey
Welcome to the 2017-18 DFL Cheer year!! We are excited to start a new season of cheer. In order to create a program that encompasses the values cheerleading, we are seeking your feedback for the coming year. We want to use this information in order create a strong DFL Cheer program where every cheerleader is valued and learns new skills within a fun and exciting atmosphere. Some of the questions are the "nuts and bolts" of the program, and some are about the philosophy of the program. All information is helpful as we look toward the future of DFL Cheer to create the best vision for the program possible.
Did your child cheer last year?
Did you purchase a uniform last year?
Was the fit correct for your uniform last year?
Will you need a new uniform for this year?
Did you have high school/middle school cheerleaders who helped your child's team?
Did those students teach, help, encourage your child throughout the season?
In your opinion, what are the important events and activities that DFL Cheer needs to be sure to provide this coming season?
Your answer
What new activities or events would you like DFL Cheer to consider offering?
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What times work best for your family for practices?
How many days a week do you expect your child to practice?
If you were a parent volunteer, did you have the resources needed to coach? If so, what were those, if not, what would have been helpful?
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Would you be interested in having an option for your child to be on a recreation team that does 2-4 local competitions?
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