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Becoming an Infinity Dealer
We are looking for dealers who want to act as an extension of our company. The dealers should be our outside salespeople! We are looking for dealers who will push Infinity sales, and cultivate new business. It is not necessary to own or jump an Infinity, but it is very important that you learn everything there is to know about the Infinity Container, Rig Designer, and our measurements.

Resources available to you: The Infinity Sales booklet contains everything there is to know about the Infinity, ordering process, key measurements and other important information. The Rig Designer is a fun coloring system that also fills out the order form as the customer chooses their options, so all you have to do is hit submit and we receive the order! For parts orders and canopy and AAD orders, we process all orders through our website, with a discount code you will be given with your dealer packet.

Dealer Discount: VSE is known for their affordable prices. All Infinity Dealers get the same discount off the base price and options (not including digitizing services, embroidery, Liquid Sky Designs or rigging). So up-selling the options, canopies, and/or rigging services will make it more profitable for both of us. This discount “pays” the dealer for all the work put forth, it is expected that the dealer fulfills the job criteria.

Job Criteria: The dealer agrees to accurately measure the customer, to complete and send in the order form, and to receive and review the confirmation email. It is also expected that the dealer will submit full payment for the order before shipping, unless other terms have been agreed upon. Unless the Dealer tells us to drop-ship it directly to the customer, the Containers are usually sent to the dealer, a tracking number is emailed, and the dealer must then contact the customer to pick it up.

Getting set up: Below is a short Dealer Application. Please fill this out. If your application is accepted, we will send you the Dealer packet that includes the Sales Agreement (to sign and return), the price lists, and other necessary items.

The Fine Print: One of the important agreements is that you will represent VSE products as favorably as any other competing products that you might sell (though we hope better :)). Also, the agreement states that if VSE refers a customer inquiry or order, it is expected that the Dealer will sell them a VSE product, and not a competitors. VSE also reserves the right to terminate the agreement if we hear of poor customer service, not conscientiously representing VSE and its’ products, or any other reason.
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