2019-2020 Class Placements
Class placements for our competitive teams will be help the week of May 20th ( Times On our website/Facebook). Dancers will be placed by ability and age. Dancers will be observed while doing center technique, across the floors and will learn a short combo to be performed in small groups.

***Please note that every student that chooses to be on our competitive company will be required to take our summer classes held twice a week for three weeks Monday and Wednesday’s. Class will be help June 10th-27th. July 8th-24th. Although we are having team assessments in May we will have a class placement the end of July to re-revaluate each team and take in to consideration summer attendance, attitudes, past class attendance and growth made during summer classes. Times for each class will be send out after assessments!
We understand that summer time is family time and we want our dancers to be able to enjoy their summer. However we would still like to see them progressing and not lose the progression they have made during the year.

That is why we are offering a 3 week technique push to everyone and are looking forward to growing your dancers talents, abilities, friendships, characters and confidence through dance! We would love you to take advantage of all the intensives being offered if your around and wanting a push for your dancer to get to the next level.

*each dancers will also have an annual registration fee due with payment.
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