2020/2021 Release Agreement
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Medical & Liability Release *
If you or your child is involved in a Christian Youth Theater class or production, you are hereby advised that our organization does not carry Workman's Compensation Insurance for participants or volunteers. You, on behalf of yourself, participating child(ren) and representatives, heirs, next of kin (collectively hereafter “You”), hereby acknowledge and agree that the novel coronavirus infections (“Covid”) have been confirmed throughout the United States including California. By participating in the CYT program You represent that neither You nor anyone in Your household have recently exhibited (or are exhibiting) any symptoms commonly attributed to Covid. If You or Your child should suffer an injury or illness (including without limitation, Covid) while participating in our production, You will be personally responsible for your medical or injury related expenses and You agree to indemnify and hold harmless CYT with respect to any injury or illness and You hereby release waive and discharge CYT from any claims relating thereto. You expressly and knowingly waive all rights under California Civil Code section 1542 which provides: “A general release does not extend to claims that the creditor or releasing party does not know or suspect to existing in his or her favor at the time of executing the release and that, if known by him or her, would have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor or released party.”.I also give permission to the designated adult supervisor in charge to secure emergency medical treatment for the minor involved.
Media Release *
I hereby authorize and consent that CYT shall have the absolute right to copyright, publish, use, sell or assign any and all photographs, portraits or pictures, television spots, movie films, videotapes and/or sound recordings, or any part thereof, that have been taken of my child, or in which my child may be included in whole or in part.
Participation Permission *
I give the child(ren) named in this form to participate in CYT Sacramento classes and showcase, show rehearsals and shows, camps, and other CYT activities including Poster Blitz, Reveal, EXPO and field trips. I also give permission to the designated adult supervisor in charge to secure emergency medical treatment for the minor named above. I also agree to hold CYT, and/or their assignees, harmless in the event of an injury or accident.
Commitment to Character
Your student will be completing the following hard copy form in class.
OUR GANG & WIGGLES FAMILIES: Please go over this information with your student at home.

Please read below and acknowledge the Commitment to Character they are asked to follow.

CYT is dedicated to developing character and creativity in kids of all ages through quality theater arts training that
brings families and communities together while reflecting the Creator.

Participation in Christian Youth Theater is a privilege. By enrolling in a CYT class, show, program or event you are agreeing to uphold the following Commitment to Character. Read carefully and initial each section.

At CYT I Will Practice:

• Unnecessary talking, cell phone usage, texting, and other distractions are not allowed during classes, rehearsals, or performances.
• Students should respect those in authority such as instructors, CYT staff, and other adults. Students should respect other students as well.
• CYT expects students’ conduct to be respectful of property, and therefore, any damage done to property will be expected to be replaced or repaired by the student. Food and drink, including water, is prohibited backstage and onstage.
• Students must stay in designated areas and may not leave the facility.

Integrity & Unity
• Gossiping (sharing personal information that is not your own), name calling, and profanity is not tolerated.
• Honoring and encouraging language must be used.
• Maintain appropriate content and images on all social media. You are representing CYT and are a role model.

Discipline & Diligence
• CYT expects purity of self in relationships with others and one’s own body. No holding hands, kissing, or “couples” isolating themselves from the group. Drugs, alcohol, and smoking/vaping are strictly prohibited.
• Attendance is required at all classes for the session and for showcase unless you are ill or providentially hindered. Be on time. Be prepared. No unnecessary absences.

Compassion & Self Control
• Violence against others or oneself is strictly prohibited. No hitting. Unrestrained physical contact is inappropriate at CYT activities.

Discretion & Humility
•CYT expects students to dress modestly and appropriately to support the learning environment. Midriffs and undergarments should be covered. No see-thru fabrics, low-cut necklines, short shorts or disturbing graphics.

If I fail to uphold this Commitment to Character, CYT agrees to hold me accountable in one or more of the following ways:
1. The adult in charge will speak directly with me regarding my breach in character.
2. A CYT staff member will call or meet in person with my parent/guardian to discuss the breach in character.
3. The CYT Class Coordinator and/or Show Coordinator will be notified and will be notified and will speak with me and my parent/guardian to discuss expectations moving forward.
4. The CYT Artistic Director will speak with me and my parent/guardian. Dismissal from the class, show, program or event may result and may affect my future CYT participation.
Season Agreement *
I understand this agreement is active and applicable to the 2020/2021 season and applies to all students listed above for all CYT activities, events, classes, and productions.
Guardian First & Last Name - Please type the FIRST and LAST name of the guardian that read each agreement and accepts these terms. *
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