Short-Term Missions Trip Application / Agreement
Section 1: Short-Term Missions Purpose – The purpose of Garden Chapel’s Short-Term Missions Program is to motivate Christians to be involved in missions. Our goal is to remove barriers that would prevent someone from serving as a Short-Term Missionary (STM).

Section 2: Definition of a Short-Term Missions Trip - Ministry opportunities that include activities such as encouragement of and service for resident missionaries, teaching, discipleship, evangelism, prayer, construction and general acts of compassion and service performed in Jesus’ name. In contrast, trips whose primary purpose is tourism or vacation are not considered to be Short-Term missions’ trip. Short-Term trips are also characterized as less than 1 year.

Section 3: Short-Term Missionary Qualifications - We believe that Short-term trips can be life changing events for those who participate, as they see life and God’s work in different cultures and countries. Such trips are often a vital component in the recruitment process of new missionaries, therefore they:
- Must have accepted the Lord as their personal Savior according to John 3:16
- Must have an interest in experiencing missions
- Must sign Garden Chapel’s Doctrinal Statement

Section 4: Short-Term Trip Qualifications
- Trip must comply with Section 2: Definition of a Short-Term Missions trip.
- Trip must be organized through an established ministry that aligns with Garden Chapel’s Doctrinal Statement

Section 5: Short-Term Missionary Responsibilities
- Complete and sign Short-Term Missions Procedure a minimum of 6 weeks prior to trip
- Provide ministry doctrinal statement with above
- Prior to trip, present a Moment For Missions to describe ministry to congregation
- Send out support letters
- Report to congregation upon return
- Provide final budget reconciliation to be used for distribution of funds

Section 6: Guidelines
- The Missions Committee will provide matching funds to a maximum of 50% of the total budget, as funds are available.
- The Unbudgeted Missions account is used to fund Short-Term missions trips
- Funds are distributed after trip and upon presentation of receipts. All support raised should be included on the application / agreement. Funds may be released in advance of trip with committee approval.
- Reimbursable trip expenses include travel, food and lodging. Not included are personal medicines, visa, passport costs and vaccinations. Exceptions may be made with committee approval when requested.
- Project related expenses such as materials and supplies MUST have approval of Missions Committee prior to reimbursement.
- It is understood that Garden Chapel will not negotiate with or pay ransom to any group holding missionaries hostage.
- It is understood that Garden Chapel is not responsible to secure travel arrangements in an emergency situation that occurs while on the trip. We recommend traveler’s insurance be purchased to cover expenses in the event of an emergency.

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