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CRSOA Industry Input
Dear CRSOA Members,

The Columbia River Bar Pilots (CRBP) have requested an amendment to the Stipulated Rate Agreement. The amendment will allow the CRBP to use standby and call-back systems to provide efficient pilotage service in lieu of staffing up to the minimum number of funded FTE pilots authorized in the Stipulated Amendment.

The Board is generally in favor of this amendment, however, to ensure that this is a viable option, the Board would like the participation of the membership throughout the remainder of March to conduct a “trial run”.

The CRBP will be operating with fewer than the current mandated 17.07 pilots during the trial run. We ask for your input regarding the level of service you receive during this time. Please utilize the following form for comments.

The Board will not make a decision on this request until after the trial run is complete.

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Thank you for your Input!
Thank you for taking the time to provide industry input. Your feedback helps the CRSOA meet our mission to 'facilitate trade, provide business leadership, exercise principles of environmental stewardship, serve as an industry focal point, and promote operating policies and practices that are safe, reliable, efficient, and cost effective.
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