Selective Bibliography of Forced Migration Submission Form
First, I want to send you all my best wishes in this difficult times. One thing I have realized is just how precious time and community are as resources. So thank you for choosing to help our educational project out.

Currently we are focusing on collecting sources about migration and illness/pandemic in order to respond to current events. In a time where the best way to prevent the spread of illness is to prevent movement and isolate, it is important to continue to think of, help out, pay attention to, and fight for those who must move, to those who now can't move, and to so many more people around the world who are effect by forced migration in its many iterations each and everyday (regardless of the pandemic).  

Thank you for your help in working to achieve these goals!
Sam Cavagnolo
Vassar College '22

All questions can be sent to: 

Our Mission Statement:
We are compiling  written and audiovisual materials to widen the scope of discussion around refugees and forced migration called The Selective Bibliography on Forced Displacement. This project is first and foremost an educational tool for people of all ages, and draws on materials that are accessible to a variety of audiences. We explore everything from children’s books to academic theory from both contemporary and historical perspectives, and including first hand accounts. We were inspired by the #CharlestonSyllabus and the Ferguson Syllabus and thankful for to the creators of the #Charleston syllabus for their advice. This project is an extension of the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement and Education and the Lexicon on Forced Migration course. We hope this project will be a tool for expanding discourse about forced migration.

PLEASE submit only ONE source at a time! This form can be filled out as many times as needed.

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