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THANK YOU for promoting your club to your community! Every time one of our clubs reaches out, a seed is sewn in minds that may not germinate immediately (some will), but may turn into a beautiful tree some day. You ARE changing lives EVERY time you promote your club's program. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Enter as often as possible! The more PR you do, the better. Do a separate entry for each endeavour. We may see some of your campaigns and notice there are several touch points. We will give you credit for each touch point, even if you don't do separate entries.

Campaigns are evaluated based on 5 criteria as shared in this webpage:

Remember to click "SUBMIT" at the bottom of this form! Thanks again and good luck!

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Type of PR activity/activities for this campaign (fliers, facebook, pinterest, meetup, email, invitation card, radio, TV, newspaper, trade show, community event, speaking opportunity, etc) List all you did. *
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Please provide links to all online copies of your campaign in locations it was placed, links to any video, photos, etc that are on an available domain. If you have attachments, please email to Christine Manly at referencing your club name and a little about what you are sending.
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