Poetry in the Pandemic
In the time of uncertainty and anxiety, poetry brings us hope, inspiration, and reflection. Have you been reading or writing poems in the pandemic? Do you want to share the lines you've read or written with the Amherst community? If the consoling and unifying power of poetry is forgotten in ordinary times, it is becoming ever more influential and desirable in trying times. Please help us lead a poetic life to overcome the difficult circumstances.

We plan to compile all submissions into an anthology titled "Amherst Poetry in the Pandemic". It will be divided into two sections. Section I includes the creative writing of the Amherst community. Section II puts different submissions that are not written by the Amherst community in conversation with one another. Either way, we hope to document the pandemic in poetry.  

You can fill this form out as many times as you want. It will automatically document your email address so we know who these submissions come from. We also ask if you own the copyright of the poems and would like us to publish your lines and your name if you write the lines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach Haoran Tong '23, organizer of the project at htong23@gmail.com. Please check the project proposal via this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q3dHHNc5-fsU0gRqDbbDkJBtXzopcdom_9u8QRSDWeU/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you for sharing!
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If there is no title, please write "No Title". If you don't know the title, please write "Don't Know". No need for quotation marks unless it's a part of the title.
Author of the Poem *
If you don't know the poet, please write "Don't Know". We encourage you to submit your own lines! If you write the lines, please write your name and your class year or affiliation to the college.
Optional: Reason for Choosing the Lines
What made you read or write the lines? What inspired you to read poetry in this unique time? What message do you think these lines convey? What else do you want to share with us?
In what ways are you affiliated to Amherst College?
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Did you write the lines? *
If it is a product of collaboration, please select "yes" and email Haoran at htong23@amherst.edu.
Would you like us to publish your lines?
We would like to include your lines in the anthology! For copyright concerns, please email Haoran at htong23@amherst.edu.
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Would you like us to indicate your authorship?
If you answer yes, your name will be published next to your submission.
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Would you like to record your shared lines for the WAMH radio broadcast?
If you select "Yes", please email Haoran at htong23@amherst.edu your mp3 recording which includes your name, affiliation with the college, and shared lines, no longer than 5 minutes in total.
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Would you like to read your shared lines in the Poetry Reading Webinar hosted by the Emily Dickinson Museum?
If you select "Yes", please be ready to read your poems synchronously in a webinar.
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Would you like your shared lines to be featured in OLIO 2020?
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