Variety Show Audition Registration! Due Monday, October 30th
Variety Show Tickets Available November 1st for $10 at!
Title of Act *
If accepted, this will be the name of your act in the program
How many total performers do you have? *
If you have just one, consider adding more! Dancers, ASL, additional accompanists, additional vocals, etc.
What type of act is this? *
Performer Number 1's First and Last Name *
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Additional Performers *
Please indicate the names of any additional performers below. If none, write 'none'.
All performers must be presently enrolled at Sycamore High School with the exception of adult accompanists. *
All performers must attend the audition on Thursday, November 2nd after school in the auditorium. *
All accepted acts must attend the dress rehearsals. You will be notified which act you are in the week before the show. *
Act I: Wednesday, 11/15; Act II: Thursday, 11/16. 2:30p - 5:30p
Acts must audition in the costumes worn at the final performance. *
Acts must be no longer than 3:30 in length. *
We want to include as many acts of as many different types as possible.
For the audition, prepare a 1 MINUTE SEGMENT of your act. *
Pick the best minute. This is usually the chorus of a song, or the most intense part of a non-musical act.
Doing Something Different During the Show Than at Audition: If you go off-script during the show, no matter how small, the curtain may be pulled on you, and consequences may be levied. *
Acts may be amended by the judges. *
Sometimes the judges may shorten or combine acts to strengthen the overall Variety Show.
All performers must remain in room 99 while waiting for their turn to perform. *
All performers must purchase a ticket to enter the auditorium as an audience member. *
Half price tickets will be available to performers at dress rehearsals for the act that they aren't in (i.e. your act performs in Act I, so you watch Act II - with a ticket)
One ticket per performer will be available for purchase for half-price ($5) at the dress rehearsal. *
Tickets at any other time is $10. They are available online at and during lunches the week of November 13th!
Tickets are available online at! *
Post-Registration Changes *
If your act changes personnel between your registration and time of audition, you should come back to and re-register with the new names.
Equipment *
There are only up to four mics available for your act. Prepare accordingly.
How much space do you need? *
Recorded Music *
If your act uses recorded music it MUST be uploaded on this form and saved as one file. Please save your file as the NAME OF YOUR GROUP not the name of the song.
If you are using recorded music, you must upload it here. Remember that having it on your phone or iPod is NOT good enough.
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