SRC Sonic Fan Game Request
Please read both pages of game rules on sr.c.: and

The following will not be accepted:
- Incomplete games or demos, there are thousands of fan games that get started that never get finished, so ensure your request is of a game that has a typical end to it, e.g. with platformers; there’s a final boss that upon defeat goes to credits.
- Generic platformers using Sonic assets, scratch games are the biggest offender of this, if the assets can be replaced with another IP and it would no longer feel like a Sonic game, then it’s not considered a Sonic Fan Game.
- ROM hacks of other games to add Sonic characters to them, these would be considered ROM hacks of the base game, so would need to be requested in a different series.
- Anything that falls under the sr.c. rules for rejection - e.g. too short. Low quality, etc.

Submission video MUST be a full game run or a playlist of ILs completing every level in the game.

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