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Thank you for your interest in Vote Allies! Please review the participation agreement and guidelines below before continuing.

♢Vote Allies Participation Agreement and Guidelines♢

Vote Allies is a nonpartisan voting rights and civic engagement organization whose goal is to engage traditionally disenfranchised people and bring into the voting process their unique perspectives about voting, civic engagement, and important issues affecting their communities. Our goal is not to change the voting preferences of participants or alter electoral outcomes.

Vote Allies partnerships are formed between one registered (eligible) voter and one disenfranchised (ineligible) person. (Note: In order to participate as an eligible voter and successfully be paired with an ineligible partner, you must be registered to vote.)

After partnerships are formed, Vote Allies partners are encouraged to meet (to the extent possible) and/or communicate in any form they mutually agree to. Vote Allies partners are encouraged to discuss their perspectives (as either disenfranchised or enfranchised participants) and listen to each other in good faith.

By participating in Vote Allies, you are agreeing to symbolically "share" a ballot with a voting partner. You are encouraged to connect, discuss, and, ideally, learn from your voting partner. How you do this is up to you.

Vote Allies is entirely voluntary. Coercion of any kind with respect to vote-sharing, in-person meetings, or communications between partners is not acceptable.

Vote Allies participants are expected to abide by the same laws and regulations that govern all voters (and voting processes) in their respective jurisdictions.

Vote Allies is not responsible for the actions of participants, including content created in the name of Vote Allies, votes cast or not cast in the name of Vote Allies, or failure to abide by the Vote Allies rules, guidelines, or mission.

This project does not register ineligible participants to vote. Sharing ballots and voting preferences is private a matter between participating partners.

Note: Unfortunately, because there will always be an imbalance of people who can vote and people who cannot vote, we cannot guarantee you will be matched. We will do our best to make it happen, though!

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