Listening Journal #1
Respond Below. When responding, Please respond to the three questions below in paragraph form.

Answer these questions:

1)What do you notice? ("I notice..." Can you tie in elements of singing technique from class?)
2)What emotions do you feel as you respond to this work? (no wrong answers.)
3)What is some background information about the piece? (“Upon doing some research I found out that...”) Feel free to do a simple google search about the composer, poet, vocalist, choir, etc.

Listen to the ENTIRE clip before responding. You may even want to go back and listen multiple times so that you can offer a thoughtful critique!

Questions? Feel free to ask me at the beginning or end of class or email us: (Sorry! You will likely not receive a response if you email the night before the assignment is due).

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Response #1: Eric Whitacre TED Talk: 2000 Voices Strong, Lux Arumque *
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