Express Consigning Agreement
Our Express Tagging program is an alternative to traditional consigning. We’ll make arrangements to your items, prepare them, drop them off and send you a check 2 weeks after the event.

Please complete below to inquire about our Express Tagging program (this form is NOT for Buy it Now customers). You'll receive a follow up email with instructions on how to pay your supply deposit and a link to register (if you aren't already). Once your supply deposit is paid AND you've registered for the upcoming sale one our taggers will be in touch with you answer questions and arrange pick up.

Please review requirements:

* Clothing needs to be clean & freshly laundered (from smoke-free home), HUNG on wire hangers AND sorted/separated by gender and individual sizes*
*All other items need to be packaged ready to sell (pieces sealed in bags & attached, boxes taped closed etc).*
* Commission is 50% of what you sell minus our supply fee ($10.50 for 200 items and .25 each any items over initial 200)

* Clothing MUST be clean & freshly laundered, in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition (free of excess wear, stains, holes etc) AND ready to be hung & tagged*
* All other items need to be in good-excellent condition, complete, wiped clean and ready to be prepped & tagged.*
* Commission is 40% of what you sell minus our supply fee ($15.50 for 200 items and .25 each any items over initial 200)
* Additional fees, if applicable, include wire clothing hangers at .20 each and batteries at $1 per battery
Email address *
Name *
Address *
City *
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Zipcode *
Cell phone *
Consignor Number (if you don't have on you will need to register and get a # before we can enter your items)
Have you participated in Express Tagging at a prior Kidzsignments event?
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Please select ONE Express Tagging Option *
A note about oversize items .....
Please note that we may be unable to accept oversize items including, but not limited to, furniture and cribs. Or, you may be asked to drop off large items during sale week and your tagger will attach tag on site. Ask your tagger or email laurie@kidzsignments with questions about over-sized items.
What do you plan to sell (check all that apply) *
If you checked over-sized items please check below what you plant to sell (must be 5 years old or newer)
List additional items you want to sell that are not included above
Express Tagging Agreement (PLEASE read and check each box to acknowledge you agree to the terms of our agreement)
Consignors agree to not hold Kidzsignments, LLC, it’s owners, operators, event help and venue personal liable for any reason, including damage of consigned items, theft, loss, vandalism, fire or natural disaster. *
I attest that I am the sole owner and have right to sell of any item submitted for Express Tagging *
As a participant in the Express Consignor program I understand that I will receive a flat % commission of what my items sell for at the Kidzsignments consignment sale. Total Tagging = 40% and Basic Tagging = 50% *
I agree to pay an upfront supply fee of $10.50 for Basic and $15.50 for Total to cover the cost of tagging supplies for the first 200 items. Any items over 200 are subject to an additional charge of .25 per item deducted from earnings check. *
I understand that if I don't provide my clothing on hangers that a fee of .20 per hanger will be deducted from my earnings check. *
I understand that items requiring batteries need to include working batteries. If your tagger needs to provide batteries there is a charge of $1 per battery that will be deducted from your earnings check. *
I understand that it is my responsibility to register as a consignor for the Kidzsignment sale (a participation fee will apply) & agree to the online terms of consigning. *
I understand that, unless otherwise agreed upon, all consignment items must be given to your tagger no later than 10 days before first day of drop off. *
Once dropped off, I give Kidzsignments and my tagger permission to access my consignor account and describe & price the items as they see fit. I may request access to view prices and understand any specific pricing ideas can be placed on an item prior to dropping off to tagger *
I understand that items it is my responsible to collect rejected items from my tagger at an agreed upon time/location before the sale (unless I have elected to donate them, in which case Kidzsignments will donate on my behalf). Items not claimed within agreed upon time will be donated. *
I understand that if my items are not dropped off in accordance to the guidelines above, I will be asked to pick them up and return them in proper order. An excess number of un-consignable items may result in a termination of this agreement and return of items.. *
I agree to pick up any unsold items on Saturday, April, 4,2020 between 3:00pm-4:30pm. Items left after 4:30 will be donated – NO EXCEPTIONS *
I understand that my proceeds are paid by emailed check to the email address associated with my consignor account. Earnings checks are sent within 2 weeks of the close of the event and it is my responsibility to cash check within 90 days of receipt. *
Tell us if you want your items discounted (if they don't sell during full price days) and if you want them to be donated if they don't sell (donation happens immediately after Saturday pick up). If you elect to donate items (below) you will be able to print a donation report.
Would you like your items marked to sell 1/2 price on discount day? *
Tell us what to do with your items that do not sell
I agree to all the terms of the Kidzsignments Express Tagging program and verified my selections for discount and donate options (typing your name below indicates agreement with above) *
Next question applies only to returning tagging clients.
Do you have a tagger preference?
Clear selection
Please use the space below to provide any information that might better help us serve you.
Thank you for your interest in our Express tagging program. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of completing this form with a link to pay your supply deposit (holds your spot). If you don't see the email BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/BULK/PROMOTIONS folder. If you still don’t see it reach out to to send another one.
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