Publicity Request Form
Please use this form to request publicity for a church-sponsored event, or for announcements and information pertinent to the life of our congregation.
All requests for publicity must be submitted at least one week before desired publication date.

Please keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of announcements that can be made verbally in worship or in the Messenger (weekly church bulletin). We will attempt to accommodate all requests, but will prioritize some announcements over others.

There is no limit on announcements placed in the E-pistle or on the church website, however, we reserve the right to reject any request that is deemed inappropriate, unnecessary, or in any way contrary to the mission, purpose, and values of First Presbyterian Church.

If you encounter difficulty in filling out this form, please contact the church office at (915) 533-7551 during regular office hours and someone (most likely Patty) will help you with your request.
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