#IamRemarkable  - Sign up sheet

I am thrilled to have you on the upcoming #IamRemarkable workshop.

The workshop is a safe space for everyone to share openly. Please mark, anything shared on the workshop is strictly confidential. We all appreciate that you respect that.


- Workshop will be held on Zoom.
- Duration: 1.5 hours- 2 hours
- Number of participants - usually 5 - 10
- We encourage you to keep you video on - to make sure you are committed. Also, when others can see you, they know they can trust you.
- Choose a quiet and comfortable space with no interruptions (ideally). It doesn't have to be at your desk.
- Bring a notepad and pen/pencil
- Please respect everyone's time by showing on time. I start the call 5 mins before.
- This workshop is completely free.

I look forward to sharing with you.
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Morning: 8AM PT-12 PT
Afternoon: 12 PT-4 PM PT
Evening: 5PM - 7 PM PT
This workshop works only if you are committed to it for the duration you are with us. Please type the following sentence to show yourself you are committed (feel free to add more if you like): "I am committed to celebrate myself and my accomplishments because I am remarkable." *
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