5th - 6th Student Transition Survey
The SMS School Counselors are interested in hearing about your experiences adjusting from elementary to middle school. We would like to learn about your experiences with 6th grader visits in elementary school, Step-Up Day, and the summer Ice Cream Social. We welcome any additional thoughts in the text boxes below.
Last year 6th graders visited 5th grade classes at Cottage, East, and Heights elementary schools. Was the visit from the 6th grade students in your 5th grade class helpful ?
Last year, on the second-to-last day of school, most 5th graders visited SMS for "Step-Up Day." In what ways did Step-Up Day prepare you for SMS? - Check all that apply.
Over the summer, most students received a postcard from a middle school student welcoming them to SMS. How did you feel about the postcard? Check all that apply.
If you could change something to improve Step-Up day what would that be?
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The Ice Cream Social was held the day before school started in August. What was helpful about the Ice Cream Social?
Is there anything you would change about Ice Cream Social to help students prepare for middle school? If yes, what?
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What was most difficult about your 6th grade year? Check all that apply.
What were you most nervous about when you started 6th Grade?
What were you the most excited about when you started 6th grade?
How would you rate your transition to Sharon Middle School overall?
Please share any additional ideas you have to help 5th grade students transition to SMS.
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