The "Knead" for Baking Assessment
After viewing the instructional video, please take this short assessment:
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1. Which of the following reasons make baking a worthwhile activity? *
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2. How long do you need to wash your hands before handling food? *
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3. Why is it important to not eat the raw cookie dough? *
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4. If the original recipe calls for 1.5 cups of white sugar and you want to double the recipe, how much white sugar will you need? *
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5. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar. *
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6. Baking powder contains both the base and acid components. *
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7. Which of the following procedures ensure kitchen safety? *
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8. What should you do if you spill egg residue on the counter? *
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9. Use as much salt as you can because it is a flavor enhancer. *
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10. Why do we use the "squish" technique to flatten the cookies? *
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