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Please use this form to register for the Excellence in Teaching and Learning Career Development Certificate at Red Deer College. This program is only open to current faculty at RDC. If you have questions about the program or about Recognition of Prior Learning, please contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning directly at:

This form will register new and returning participants.

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Program Timelines & Completion
Excellence in Teaching and Learning (ETaL) is a Career Development Certificate credentialed through the School of Continuing Education at Red Deer College. It is taught internally to faculty at RDC by faculty in the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Successful completion of ETaL depends on several criteria related to contributions to the community of learning, reflective teaching practice, and meeting the stated program and module outcomes. The specific requirements involve a pre-module assignment, seminars associated with each of the 6 modules, learning activities and assignments completed online, and the completion of a capstone project. Attendance at Module Seminars is required for completion.

Normally, faculty are able to complete the program in 3 years. Alternate options are available:

1) Standard Pattern of 3 Years with 3 Modules per Year and Capstone in Year 3

2) Fast-Track Completion in 2 1/2 years

3) Part-Time Completion in up to 5 Years

We encourage you to discuss with your Year Facilitator the best pathway to graduation for you.

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Program Delivery: Blended Format & Scheduling
Blended delivery involves replacing face-to-face seminar times with online components to deliver a flexible learning model. ETaL has been designed for blended delivery to ensure that faculty have the flexibility needed to complete the program in a timely manner.

1) The Delivery Method for ETaL involves required face-to-face seminars and online components.

2) Online components are completed in Blackboard.

3) Scheduling: All face-to-face seminars for ETaL Modules have been scheduled to correspond to faculty constraint times on Friday afternoons (please see exact dates when registering for specific Modules).

4) Attendance: attendance is required at all Initial Seminars, online collaborate Seminars (Module 3 only), and Wrap Seminars.

5) Pre-Requisites: the Pre-Module and Module 1 are Pre-Requisite Modules.

6) Modules 2-6 do not need to be completed in numerical order. Please note: the CTL would recommend completing some Modules back-to-back due to related and laddered content (e.g. Modules 1 & 2; Modules 5 & 6). Module 6 should be left to Year 2 of the program.

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Assignments, Activities, and ePortfolios
As part of ETaL, faculty complete a variety of readings, activities, and assignments to explore teaching in higher education. The final activity in Year 3 is a Capstone Project which includes journals, a poster, and a video.

1) Each Module (course) will take approximately 12-15 hours over 4 weeks to complete.

2) Each Module has several assignments (e.g. journal assignments, discussion boards, application to teaching assignments, video creation assignments). These assignments are module-specific and are designed to meet the Learning Outcomes for each module.

3) In year 3, the Capstone is a self-directed project involving a personal investigation into teaching and learning. Through the Capstone, participants also re-evaluate their teaching philosophies and reflect on their learning.

4) Completion of all Assignments is a condition for successful completion. Participants may be asked to redo assignments or provide further clarification. Assignments are "graded" as Complete/Incomplete.

5) All assignments must be completed prior to each Module's final Seminar.

6) All assignments are submitted through an ePortfolio and faculty are supported in the Pre-Module in creating a personal ePortfolio.

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Prior Learning Recognition
Prior Learning Recognition (PLR) is used in ETaL. Faculty who have completed courses or programs at other institutions can apply for Prior Learning Recognition and this may give them credit for components of ETaL.

1) PLR is granted based on evidence submitted by the individual faculty member and assessed by the Facilitator.

2) The Pre-Module and Module 1 are not eligible for PLR.

3) All other Modules (Modules 2-6) and the Capstone are eligible for PLR.

4) All faculty are encouraged to seek Prior Learning Recognition (PLR) and consult the CTL about PLR opportunities.

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