Reserves on Demand
The purpose of this form is for students, faculty and staff of IU Northwest to request reserve material to be scanned and delivered via E-mail.

Please allow time - at least one full work day - for processing.

Information needed for this form can be found in your class syllabus as well as the library's online catalog, IUCAT.

Contact the library if you have any problems with this form.
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Use IU E-mail for your E-mail address.
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Limits on Book Content
The library's ability to electronically deliver book content is limited by Fair Use guidelines. We cannot scan an entire book. However, we can provide certain chapters or page ranges. We strongly encourage requesting only the chapters or page ranges needed for a particular week, not all content needed for the course across the whole semester.
Chapter or Page/Page Range *
Class Information
The next section of this form requires information for the class as formatted for the Schedule of Classes. Refer to your class schedule if you are unsure what to enter.

For example, if your full class information was ENG-W 131 13946, the Course would be ENG-W 131 and the Class Number would be 13946.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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