Things My _____ Always Used to Say...
This form was created to collect memorable quotes from near and dear; parents, kids, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, bosses, coworkers - you name it! It's meant to be an entertaining study in common and not so common sayings and might show great similarities between different times, countries and cultures. The more unusual, the better, and as quotes are difficult or sometimes impossible to trace, we are not necessarily claiming that this particular person coined a particular phrase.

The plan is to compile selected quotes into book form published by Digital Productions

By entering information in this form, you consent to it being used without any form of compensation. If possible, please include your name, the quoted person's name and their connection to you. Be aware, however, that any information you enter may be included in the finished product. If you attribute a quote to somebody and you identify them by name, it is assumed that you have permission to do so. You can enter as many quotes as you like.

Thank you very much for your contribution! Also, please help share this page around the world! Make sure and give your e-mail address if we need any clarification, and so we can notify you when the book is published. By clicking SUBMIT below, you consent to all of the above.

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