Wizarding Weekend 2017 NonProfit Application
This application is for any non-profit organization that wishes to fundraise through our activities during Wizarding Weekend 2017.
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How This Works
ACTIVITY: Wizarding Weekend organizers will work with your organization to identify an ideal and engaging activity that both speaks to your mission as an organization and meets the expectations of our festival goers. This can be a game, craft, photo booth, or other such activity. It CANNOT be a raffle or game of chance.

SUPPLIES and PRIZES: Once the activity has been determined, a list of supplies to make the activity successful will be comprised and a budget agreed upon by both the organization and Wizarding Weekend organizers. Wizarding Weekend will be primarily responsible for these costs.

CONSTRUCTION: Wizarding Weekend organizers can assist with minor construction items, but it will be expected that major construction items will be discussed in the budget.

TICKET REIMBURSEMENT: Wizarding Weekend sells activity tickets for Saturday and Sunday portions of the festival. Participating non-profit activity booths collect these tickets when participants take part in what activity is offered at their booth (e.g. a game, craft, etc.). Each booth is responsible for collecting their tickets and submitting those tickets to Wizarding Weekend organizers at the end of the festival. Non Profit organizations are then reimbursed based on the number of tickets collected. Non Profits will be reimbursed at the rate of 25%. The remaining 75% will be used to offset the costs of the activity, supplies and prizes.

Applicant understands and agrees to a two day commitment for this project.
Applicant understands and agrees to provide adequate volunteers to operate the activity booth during the two day project.
Applicant understands and agrees that the funds raised are done so through a ticket reimbursement system and an exact amount of funds raised is not guaranteed by Wizarding Weekend organizers.
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