Technology Needs Analysis
Survey of school site needs for future tech needs purposes
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I feel comfortable integrating technology into my lessons *
Students in my class use technology at school outside of the computer lab *
Some of the technology I use in my lessons and that my students use regularly include: *
When I have trouble with technology in my classroom I usually contact __________________ *
If you answered "other" to the previous question, please tell me who you contact for tech help
I am familiar with the acronym SAMR and I consider these strategies when I create lesson plans *
I am familiar with the concept of TPACK and it is my goal when lesson planning *
My biggest challenge with tech in the classroom has been ________ *
My students use Office 365 and know how to log into their own profile on the school computers *
My students are encouraged to collaborate and edit using technology *
I would like to know how to (_____) or have more training on (_____) *
I teach Digital Citizenship to my students *
My teacher computer is model # ______ (see images below as to where to find model) *
This is the Dell Optiplex 780
This is the Dell Optiplex 790
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